Sparkling Future For Estate Agency

The process gradually resembles an auction and the higher bidder might get finally an answer. When a buyer’s agent contacts a bank-owned or foreclosure sale, and even some short sales, we often observe that the same agent or broker has his name on a lot of listings. This agent is sometimes based in a location • Read More »

Olympia Real Estate

Your agent will also be able to get the best price for your property by doing great research on the property prices in your area and use its strengths to back up a high asking price. Olympia Real Estate Located on the southern part of the Puget Sound region, Olympia is the capital city of • Read More »

Sole, Joint Or Multiple Agency?

A mini ecourse is an excellent way to do this. You can set up your autoresponder to systematically send to your list periodically (ie, one lesson every 3 days). Eventually, some will buy. Joint agency is often a useful way to get out of a sole agency before the end of the contract – if • Read More »